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Monday, April 19, 2010

Wonderful World


Title: Wonderful World

Domain: emotional, cognitive

Population: Adult Mental Health (Forensics)

Category: emotional expression, song writing, lyric analysis, cognitive

Materials: “Wonderful World” lyrics, “Happy List” worksheet, “Wonderful World” with blanks worksheet, guitar, “Wonderful World” guitar chords, writing utensils

1. Hand out lyric sheets. Sing and discuss “Wonderful World”
2. Give everyone a pencil and worksheets.
3. Have clients list 5 things that make them happy on the “Happy List” worksheet
4. Using things from clients’ “Happy Lists,” fill in blanks to “Wonderful World” worksheet.
5. Sing new version of “Wonderful World” with clients’ answers

Behavioral Observation: Participation, appropriate responses, reality orientation, emotional expression

Source: “Wonderful World” performed by Louis Armstrong. Original activity by me.

Submitted by: Bethany Clayton; 3/18/2010

Lyrics and worksheets


  1. I could not load the full worksheets.

  2. I'm confused with the 4th step. Can you describe how to do it in detail please?

    1. Think of it like a Mad Lib. You're taking words from the happy list and placing them in the blanks on the fill in worksheet.