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Monday, April 19, 2010

True Colors


Title: True Colors

Domain: Emotional

Population: Adult Mental Health (Forensics)

Category: lyric analysis, integrated arts

Materials: Recording of “True Colors” and CD player or guitar and song chords, lyrics sheets, 9 Tips for Building Self-Esteem worksheet, large roll of paper (big enough to cover a table), drawing utensils.

1. Introduce and play song “True Colors”
2. Go over song, analyze lyrics, lead into self esteem
3. Hand out Self-Esteem worksheets and go over them
4. Have clients think of 3 things about themselves that they like
5. Tell clients to draw the things on the paper
6. Use finished project as an art poster to hang on the wall (optional)

Behavioral Observation: Participation, self awareness, positive self image, emotional expression

Source: Self-Esteem worksheet adapted from Song by Cyndi Lauper.

Submitted by: Bethany Clayton; 3/9/2010

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